Advantages of Hiring a Reliable Tree and Stump Removal Service

Removing Those Unwanted Stump and Trees on Your Lawn

Tree and stump removal is a tough and time-consuming job that can be very dangerous. These hazards can be minimized with careful planning, the use of the right equipment, and skilled labor. But, on occasion, it is still necessary to use a chainsaw, woodchipper, pole pruners, and other equipment to deal with a stubborn stump or tree. In such instances, you’ll want to choose the most qualified tree and stump removal expert.

Tree stump grinding

This process is an effective method for tree removal. It’s a simple procedure that uses a stump grinder and a stump chipper to reduce the tree stump to smaller pieces. This method may be used on roots as well. However, it’s not recommended that you grind trees in the early spring, because the ground is still too soft.

Stump grinding

The process of stump grinding is basically the same as grinding a tree stump. However, this is often used on stumps that are in areas that are difficult to reach or remove. The method is still effective but more dangerous. The main difference is that stump grinding uses a stump grinder with a chipper on the side. However, you don’t have to be that concerned about the danger of using this method. As long as you know what you’re doing, you’ll be fine.

Cutting the tree into usable lengths

If grinding is not an option, then cutting trees into usable pieces is the next best choice. So, you’ll either need to cut them up into smaller pieces, or you will need to use a wood chipper. This is a dangerous job, and you’ll need someone with experience and the right equipment to do the job.

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