Always Hire a Professional Tree Service to Work on Your Trees

Avoiding DIY Tree Work

The ongoing expense of maintenance and repairs can be overwhelming for some homeowners. We all like making financial savings, and many take satisfaction in the projects we can complete. Although tree trimming and pruning seem straightforward, the risks are far higher than many other home repair tasks. Consider these reasons for entrusting tree management to a professional tree service:

Arborists Have Knowledge and Training

Years of study may be required to acquire the necessary knowledge of the physics and biology of trees to cut down a large tree safely. It’s more difficult to cut down a tree carefully than to point a chainsaw at it and shout, “Timber! You must create a drop zone, make accurate cuts, and frequently use ropes as leverage to guide the tree to the ground carefully. The majority of accidents happen when a tree falls unexpectedly.

Proper Tool Use

Though you might own a chainsaw, do you know how to handle and maintain it? Many homeowners use dull chainsaws in error, applying too much pressure and losing control of the saw. Using a chain saw to chop ground-level branches is another error that is frequently made. When the bar tip of a chainsaw strikes the ground or other foliage, it can “kick back” and cause painful injuries. Have you thought about the equipment you don’t have now that you’re well prepared in your hardhat, gloves, and safety goggles with your dependable chainsaw and gas pole pruner by your side? Aerial lifts, wood chippers, stump grinders, and other sophisticated and frequently necessary equipment should only be used by certified arborists. It might not be worth trying to “scare” these people at the last minute.

Unknown or Unrecognized Hazards

Because they work outdoors daily, arborists are highly trained in situational awareness and can spot potential dangers that the average homeowner misses. When a tree is close to a power line, a tree care expert can see what has to be done. After falling and being struck by something, electrocution is the third cause of serious injury or death in tree care accidents. Numerous inexperienced tree climbers perish yearly after coming into direct or indirect contact with an electrical line via tools or tree branches.

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