Common Tree Removal Mistakes to Avoid

Tree Cutting Gone Bad-What Can Go Wrong?

Tree removal should really be left to professionals. If the tree you want to get rid of is small and short, this is something that you could handle yourself. It is highly recommended that you use a professional to remove a tree, and prices range between $100 to $2,000 and upwards, it all depends on the size of the tree, location, and the difficulty of the removal process. The reason we recommend that you should hire a professional is that accidents are rife when amateurs try to remove a tree, and we have listed just a few things that can happen below. Below are the most common tree cutting and removal accidents.

  1. The most common tree accident is getting hit by falling objects, which are usually a limb or tree branch.
  1. Falls are the second and most common tree-cutting accident. This usually occurs to the person that is cutting the tree, as they fall off either the roof or the ladder.
  1. Electrocution is a major risk to anyone that is cutting branches close to life wires. They can accidentally touch the wire, or a falling branch will hit the wires down, and the person could either touch or step on it.
  1. If the equipment fails or malfunctions, the cutter can be pinned against a structure or literally thrown against the tree.
  1. Cuts are a common occurrence that many amateurs suffer from when cutting down a tree. These cuts are generally down to not knowing how to use power-cutting tools such as hacksaws and chainsaws.
  1. Using heavy equipment and power tools such as chippers brings the risk of amputation.
  1. Chips of wood and sawdust that are thrown out when cutting into a tree will often fly into people’s eyes because they do not use the right safety gear.

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