Hiring a Tree Removal to Remove Your Damaged Trees

Common Causes of Tree Damage

Trees appear strong and unbreakable, but they are vulnerable to various threats. A damaged tree is more prone to disease and infestation, eventually killing the tree and necessitating tree removal. There are numerous potential causes of tree damage, some of which are more common than others.

Severe Weather

Trees are typically quite sturdy; they must withstand the conditions they face throughout the year. Nonetheless, they can be damaged by a severe storm. Summer storms can bring high winds that put the tensile strength and elasticity of tree limbs and trunks to the test. When these limits are exceeded, tree limbs and, in extreme cases, entire trees can fall. Summer storms can also cause lightning to strike the tree, scorching or burning it. Lightning always strikes the highest point, so trees on your property that are taller than your house are especially vulnerable.

Crushed Roots

The tree’s roots are in charge of supporting and stabilizing it so that it remains upright. They also absorb water and nutrients from the soil, providing the tree with the nutrition it requires to grow. Tree roots grow primarily underground, where the weight of the soil above them presses down on them. They must be extremely strong to withstand that weight, but, like tree branches, they can only bear so much weight.

Lack of Maintenance

You may believe that because trees can live for decades or even centuries in the wild, they do not require maintenance in your yard. On the other hand, trees in urban areas face challenges that trees in the wild do not. Furthermore, there is a distinction to be made between surviving and thriving. Trees on your property may require your assistance to achieve the latter.

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