Keep Your Tree or Do a Tree Removal Service for Your Yard

Advantages and Drawbacks

Your home’s curb appeal can be increased by a lovely yard, and a lovely yard might include lots of trees. In addition to improving the aesthetics of your yard, trees also provide you and your family with other advantages. Check out these benefits and drawbacks if you’re interested in learning more about planting trees or if you need a tree removal service for your yard.


  • There is enough sun and shade in a nice yard. Many enjoy shade so much that they might put up gazebos, awnings, etc. However, having a lot of trees in your yard gives you access to a source of shade that also offers you other advantages. One benefit is that they can shield other plants from direct sunlight.
  • The environment in your yard as a whole benefit from trees, in addition to you. Once planted, they will provide shelter and/or food for animals and insects. Different trees will draw various animal species.
  • Privacy is one of the finest benefits of growing trees. They might prevent people from viewing your home or yard. This not only increases your comfort in your home, but it also might dissuade potential thieves since they can’t see what’s inside to steal.


  • Pests like termites and rats also have an environment thanks to trees. They are also kept camouflaged by trees so you cannot see them. Pests are more likely to be drawn to rotting wood, such as old stumps, although even healthy trees can do so.
  • Planting trees is not the solution if you want to improve the aesthetics of your yard quickly. Of course, the growth rates of various tree species vary. Red maples, for instance, should expand by one to two feet annually, but some trees can take up to 30 years to reach their full potential.
  • As your tree grows, its roots may obstruct other objects in or near your yard. Trees should be kept away from the house and other buildings for this reason. To protect your home from harm, some tree roots may grow more deeply, but you must be mindful of where your pipes are placed.

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