Trust Our Local Company for Adequate and Professional Tree Pruning and Shaping

As the trees on your property grow, they develop long and heavy branches that may become a hazard if not trimmed regularly. Contact our company TJ Tree Service for any tree pruning and shaping projects, large and small. Our experienced arborists operate in Bemidji, MN.

In the wild, trees grow uncontrollably, and if they fall on the ground and start to rot, they will not harm the environment. However, if the same thing happens in your yard, you will face numerous problems. Our team will take care of your safety and peace of mind with our professional tree trimming services. With a few precision cuts, we will remove the limbs that look diseased or are already dead. It is how we will keep the tree canopy in perfect overall condition. Our arborists prune many different tree species, from very young saplings to large mature trees. Our ultimate goal is to achieve the ideal balance and esthetic of branches that are healthy and beautiful.

Tree pruning and shaping are a prerequisite to proper tree care. Our tree technicians can advise you on an adequate maintenance plan depending on the tree specifications. We can tell you how often they should be trimmed and put you on our schedule, so do not forget or skip visiting your property. Your trees will receive the proper care. No doubt, our professional services will save you a lot of time, effort, and trouble in the long run. Regardless of the size of the tree, our company has the tools and equipment to reach even the highest branches.

If your property is in the Bemidji, MN area and you need proper tree pruning and shaping, call our specialists at (218) 203-8833. TJ Tree Service will give you a hand!

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