The Need for a Tree and Stump Removal Service

Why Remove Unwanted Trees and Stumps?

Removing stumps or unwanted trees is not something that can be done easily. But they will need to be removed if you don’t want to deal with even more problems in the future. The following are reasons why there is a need to book a tree and stump removal service:

Decaying Matter

Trees and stumps that are starting to decay will need to be removed immediately because they pose a danger to the rest of the plants. The moment you see decay on a tree, the disease will continue to spread not only to the entire tree but to the surrounding plants as well. Save all the other plants by removing the decaying tree or stump immediately.

Landscape Space

There’s never enough landscape space for all the landscape features you want. But there may be times when you’ll need to clear out some features to make way for new ones. Instead of keeping trees and stumps that you don’t even want, just get rid of them. This way, you’ll have more space.

Potential Property Damage

If there are trees that are starting to lean towards your house or your neighbor’s property, they could snap and cause major proper damage. With stumps, if you try to mow the lawn but they’re in the way, your lawnmower could get damaged if you accidentally bump into them. It’s best to be safe by having them removed.

Stumps and unwanted trees should be removed so that you won’t encounter problems that will come up because of them. However, it’s not going to be a simple task to do. Consider booking tree and stump removal services from professionals such as TJ Tree Service. We can properly remove any unwanted trees and stumps on your property in Bemidji, MN.

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