Tips From an Affordable Tree Service for Spring Tree Care

Essential Tree Care Items to Prepare for Spring

Spring is just around the corner! Assist the trees in your yard. With this basic tree care advice, an affordable tree service will help ensure your trees are ready for spring and summer.

Essential Tree Care Items to Prepare for Spring

Inspect Your Trees for Pests and Damage

Winter is brutal to trees. Aside from insects and animals that may have made a home in your trees, you may also notice symptoms of sickness or damage from winter storms. If you need to figure out if what you’re witnessing is a disease, let our trained arborist examine and analyze your tree’s health for a cost. This cost will be applied to your service once we have recommended a plan and begun services.

Add a New Layer of Mulch

The soil surrounding the base of your trees and their roots will have dried out due to the cold winter temperatures. A helping layer of mulch that protects against dry soil and weeds is one approach to restoring moisture to your trees. But, because mulch traps moisture, keep it at the tree’s base and not up the trunk. We recommend 3 to 4 inches of mulch—anything more is termed a “mulch volcano” and can harm trees!

Prune Your Trees

Like getting your hair cut, tree pruning is a terrific method to prepare your trees for spring. The optimal time to prune trees is just before they start turning green. Pruning allows you to remove dead or diseased branches while giving your tree more area to grow by preventing branches from crowding together.

Give Them a Drink

Your trees are thirsty after a long, cold winter and will remain thirsty as we enter the hot summer months. The watering technique differs from tree to tree since each requires different amounts of water depending on its type, size, and age. Because tree roots are about 18-24 inches below the ground’s surface, watering deeply is always preferable to watering often. The deeper the water, the higher the roots’ chances of retaining water.

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