Tree and Brush Removal Tools

Tools to Make Clearing Overgrown Land Easy

Whether you are looking to expand your lawn, caring for overgrown gardens, or blazing a trail through woodlands, tree and brush removal can be a daunting task. What was once clean, open land can rapidly become a tangled mess. This then begs the question of, “where to start”? These are just 2 of our favorite tools that we at TJ Tree Service find easy to use and get the job done quickly.

The big, bad brush mower.

For clearing large areas of overgrown land, a brush mower is the ticket. Choose a walk-behind, or a self-propelled model for walkable areas, and a tow-behind model sometimes referred to as a brush hog for really large fields and meadows. These machines are beasts in the field, cutting through saplings that are 3″ thick like they were toothpicks, and not even pausing at tough weeds or grasses. Most people that use a brush mower for the first time are shocked by how powerful they really are and how much fun they are to use.

Uproot saplings with a Brush Grubber.

If you want to remove just one sapling here and there or a small area of brush. You will not need a brush mower, and a lawnmower or chainsaw simply won’t cut it. Then a brush grubber comes with a set of metal jaws with spikes that will dig into a small tree or stump. A chain is on the other end, and you can use either a truck, ATV, or tractor to pull out unwanted trees by the roots. The harder you pull, the harder the jaws will clamp onto the tree. They are available in different sizes and are the best way to take care of one sapling at a time.

To learn about the tree and brush removal services that we can offer you, and if you live in or around the Bemidji, MN area, please feel free to call this number (218) 203-8833 anytime.

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