Tree Service Experts Bust Common Myths About Tree Trimming

Myths About Tree Trimming: Debunked!

Most homeowners plant trees on their property to feel more connected with nature and give an aesthetic appearance. However, they often fail to care for their trees, mainly due to various myths about tree trimming and pruning. Most people believe that tree trimming causes harm to trees and disrupts their natural growth. But professional tree service providers believe otherwise. This article will open your mind to these common misconceptions and debunk the myths about tree trimming.

Trees don’t need trimming

It is arguably the most common myth about tree pruning. Whether you like it or not, trees need occasional trimming just the way you need a haircut. Your trees’ health and appearance will suffer if you refuse to trim them promptly. Trimming gives them a boost to grow healthy and also lets them branch out in the right direction. It helps them to maintain their aesthetic appearance.

Tree trimming causes more wild growth

Tree trimming promotes local growth, but you must also remember that by removing foliage, the tree’s ability to photosynthesize diminishes and can therefore absorb less energy for all life processes. Pruning trees effectively creates a balance between maintaining leaf area and encouraging new growth. Your trees can achieve this balance without suffering harm to their essential components with the help of a competent tree care service.

Trimming in summer is not okay

It is merely another urban legend with no basis in reality. Your trees won’t face any harm if you prune them in the summer, and that is a fact. Additionally, as you remove any dead branches and leaves, it will assist in improving their beauty and health. As a result, the healthy and lively parts will receive the water and nutrients that were being stolen by unhealthy and excessive branches.

Now that you know the truth about tree trimming, if you want a professional tree service to take care of your trees, set up an appointment with TJ Tree Service. Rely on our qualified team for tree care with speed and precision. If you are from Bemidji, MN, then reach out to us today at (218) 203-8833!

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