Tree Service How to Fact Sheet

A How-to on Tree Services

Tree limbing is not a job that you can just jump into, and even the most ardent DIY enthusiast will probably want to defer to the expertise of professional tree service like TJ Tree Service. The problem is, how does one locate tree services? And, once you have located one, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to a risky job such as tree limbing or tree removal?

Warnings About Hiring Tree Services

An all-purpose handyman that drives around the neighborhood in a pickup truck with a chainsaw and shouting sales pitches is not suitable for work that demands such a high level of responsibility. For dangerous work like this, tree services’ that have insurance should be your main consideration. Ask to see all their certificates of liability and workman’s compensation insurance, and check to see that they are indeed current. If needs be, telephone the insurance company to verify the current policy information.

Be wary of hiring any tree services that demand payment in advance, or are looking to start work without first providing you with a free estimate of the cost. In fact, you should demand an estimate, in addition to a written contract, this should lay out precisely what the tree job entails and for how much. If limbing work has to be performed on a tree whose preservation and appearance are important to you, you should always insist that the tree service climbs the tree using either ropes or with an aerial lift, and no climbing spikes are used whatsoever. Spikes can damage the cambium of a tree. Also, you should never allow anyone to talk you into topping a tree that you want to be kept safe in your yard.

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