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Facts About Trees

Today’s tree service blog is going to be a little different, as we will explore little-known facts about trees, we hope you enjoy it.

Most people already know that trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. We also know they need both water and sunlight. However, there are a lot of interesting facts about trees that many people are not aware of.

Trees Don’t Actually Die of Old Age

Trees are the longest living things on the planet, with some species having an average age of thousands of years old. However, did you know that trees don’t die of old age? In the proper conditions, a tree can, in essence, live forever. Instead, trees usually die of disease, damage, and believe it or not, malnutrition. In fact, this is true for people too, as we do not technically die of old age, seniors usually die due to some form of organ failure.

Trees Can Save You Money

Trees can actually make you live better. We are not only speaking about the fresh oxygen they produce. We are talking about actual cash savings! Strategically placed trees and shrubs will often save you up to 30% on your energy bills, this is done by providing needed shade. Well-groomed trees are estimated to increase the value of the real estate by up to 10%.

Trees Do Actually Communicate

Trees do have relationships with the surrounding plant life. And what is a good relationship without good communication? Trees have what is called mycorrhizal fungi that live on their roots. These link each tree to others close by and create a network. Researchers have found that trees actually communicate this way.

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