When You Should Do Tree Removal

Here’s When You Should Remove a Tree from Your Property

Trees can add beauty and elegance to almost any property, which is why many homeowners hesitate to remove a tree from their yard. However, despite their charm and aesthetic appeal, there are times when trees just have to be cut down. You’ll know that it’s time to call tree removal service providers if you have a tree that is:

Dead or dying

Perhaps your tree has been hit by lightning, or maybe it has been infected with a fungal or bacterial disease that has spread to numerous branches. Either way, tree removal is your best option. Trees that are dead or dying often become too weak to support their own weight, which means that they can topple down anytime and cause serious property damage and even bodily injuries.

Threatening the foundation of your house

Some trees can grow wide root systems that can extend several feet away from the trunk, which means that they can eventually reach the foundation of your house. This can be bad news since tree roots are often tough enough to drill holes even through concrete and eventually compromise the structural integrity of your foundation and cause serious problems. Before this happens, call a tree service provider and ask them to remove trees that are growing too close to your house (less than 10 feet for small trees) to prevent foundation issues that are too costly and complicated to repair.

Blocking your window view

What do you see when you look out of your window? If you only see a jungle of leaves instead of a beautiful view, or if you can see a close-up view of a tree trunk instead of your elegant lawn, it’s probably time to hire a tree and stump removal company. They can remove the offending tree in a safe and efficient way and help you improve your window views.

If you notice any of these signs, get in touch with tree contractors like TJ Tree Service! Our team is based in Bemidji, MN, and we offer professional tree and brush removal services to our customers. Get in touch with us now at (218) 203-8833 to learn more about our professional solutions and book an appointment with our team!

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